Samsung 55″ Class QN85A Neo QLED 4K Smart TV (2021) - iTravel Apple Authorized Reseller

Jun 25, 2022
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Experience the Future of Entertainment

Step into a world of immersive entertainment with the Samsung 55″ Class QN85A Neo QLED 4K Smart TV. Designed with cutting-edge technology and innovative features, this TV delivers an unparalleled viewing experience.

Ultra-High Definition Visuals

Feast your eyes on the stunning 4K visuals of the QN85A Neo QLED. With over 8 million pixels, each scene comes to life with incredible detail and clarity. Enjoy vibrant colors, deep blacks, and enhanced contrast for a truly cinematic experience.

Neo Quantum Processor

The integrated Neo Quantum Processor uses artificial intelligence to optimize picture quality and upscale content to 4K resolution. This ensures that you always get the best possible picture, regardless of the source.

Smart Features for Ultimate Convenience

The QN85A Neo QLED is equipped with a range of smart features that make your viewing experience effortless. With built-in voice assistants like Bixby and Alexa, you can control your TV with just your voice. Browse through your favorite apps, stream content, and even control other compatible smart devices in your home.

Seamless Integration with Your Favorite Devices

Connectivity is key, and the QN85A Neo QLED offers seamless integration with your favorite devices. With multiple HDMI and USB ports, you can easily connect your gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, soundbars, and more. Enjoy a clutter-free setup and immerse yourself in a world of entertainment.

Immersive Audio Experience

The QN85A Neo QLED is equipped with Object Tracking Sound and SpaceFit Sound technology, delivering an immersive audio experience. Experience sound that moves with the action on the screen and adaptively adjusts based on your room's acoustics. Whether you're watching a movie or playing a game, you'll be completely immersed in the audio.

Sleek and Stylish Design

Not only does the QN85A Neo QLED deliver exceptional performance, but it also looks stunning in any living room. With its sleek and slim design, bezel-less screen, and premium metal finish, it adds a touch of elegance to your entertainment setup.


Experience the future of entertainment with the Samsung 55″ Class QN85A Neo QLED 4K Smart TV. With its stunning visuals, smart features, and seamless integration, it offers an unparalleled viewing experience. Get yours now at iTravel Apple Authorized Reseller and elevate your entertainment to new heights.